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Versa Concerto
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Versa Concerto

Versa Concerto

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Versa Concerto offers automation and orchestration for all your SD-WAN workflows enables faster and easier deployments, secure operations, and centralized management whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Versa Concerto offers an orchestration platform for all WAN edge functions such as routing, security services including service chaining to advanced third-party security services and WAN optimization.


Versa Concerto is Versa Networks’ orchestration platform that simplifies the creation, automation, and delivery of services using Versa Operating System (VOSTM) from a single pane of glass. Versa Concerto provides a complete set of end-to-end orchestration functions of services including configuration design, implementation, zero-touch-provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and analytics capabilities for our SD-WAN, NGFW, UTM, Routing, uCPE, and Versa Secure Access (VSA) services.

Versa Concerto runs on top of Versa Director, Versa Analytics, and Versa Controller elements, providing an easy to use single-pane-of-glass based management for connectivity and services. Versa Concerto uses Restful APIs and Kafka event streaming to communicate with named network management elements.

Versa Concerto is based on microservices architecture and is designed to run on public or private clouds, making horizontally scaling both easy and flexible for our customers.

Versa Concerto can manage multiple instances of Versa Director, Versa Analytics, and Versa Controller deployments even if each of the instances may be assigned to managing different regions or specific customers. Versa Concerto provided a single pane of glass that covers your entire global setup that could span across tens of thousands of sites and thousands of customers. Also, Versa Concerto provides hierarchical multi-tenancy and granular rolebased administrative capabilities that make it easy for you to manage and control each of the tenants, sites, and services.

Versa Concerto’s end-to-end service orchestration is uniquely aligned with the lifecycle stages of services to provide the most effective and relevant management capabilities for new and existing deployments.

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  • Configuration design for sites, services, devices or any combinations of aforementioned
  • Extensive use of configuration profiles to maximize reuse and rapid provisioning of CPEs and VOSTM instances
  • Master profile, sub-profiles, policies and rules – all reusable
  • Sub-profiles are specific for a functional area and they construct master profiles
  • Comes preloaded with Versa best practice profiles and sub-profiles. Ability to adjust for the need
  • Detailed policy definitions for applications, security, network performance, users, and more
  • Hierarchical configuration and policy objects to apply rules across network or groups of devices, if desired
  • Export config objects to tenants and set permissions
  • Versioning of changes, profiles, sub-profiles
  • Applicable to tenants, sites, devices that may be spread over one or more instances of underlying Versa.Director instances


  • Users with deployment privilege can deploy sites
  • Deployment lifecycle stages to manage each stage accordingly
  • 5 easy steps: Profile attachment to CPE, configuration variables setting, publication, deployment monitoring
  • Deployment related alarms visibility and management


  • VOSTM monitoring – Services, System, Cluster, Interface, Alarms
  • Dashboard views, map views, site and specific CPE views for desired granularity


  • Integrates extensive analytical capabilities of Versa Analytics product.
  • Provides a single pane of glass for multiple instances of Versa Analytics that may be deployed in a network

Inventory Management

  • Hardware inventory management: device model number, serial number, location
  • Software inventory management including sub-module firmware images
  • Service Pack management


  • Fully multi-tenant system
  • Fine granular RBAC across all stages of the Services Lifecycle
  • Pre-defined and custom roles at Provider and Tenant levels
  • Default permissions are inherited from parent object


  • Licensing, entitlement, and usage reporting for the entire network
  • Deployable in both public or private clouds
  • Provided to our customers for onprem deployment or as a hosted and managed offering

System Requirements:

Versa Concerto is flexible in deployment options and supports both bare metal & virtualized deployments:

Recommended Sizing Requirements for Versa Concerto
Qty of Branches Qty of Tenants Deployment Option Processors Servers Cores Storage Capacity DRAM Network ports per server
4,000 150 Bare metal or Virtual Machine High-End x86 server class 3 node cluster 8 250GB 16GB 2
10,000 250 Bare metal or Virtual Machine High-End x86 server class 3 node cluster 12 250GB 32GB 2


Download the Versa Concerto Datasheet (.PDF)