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Best-in-class Software Defined-WAN Solutions

Versa Networks Titan - Cloud Managed Secure SD-WAN for Lean IT

Versa provides products to fit your networking and security needs. Whether you are a large enterprise, a service provider, or an organization running with a lean IT team, we have a solution for you.

Versa products integrate a comprehensive set of networking and security functions through the Versa Operating System (VOS™) delivering SD-WAN, analytics, security, and routing. Built to run in the most complex environments, our products provide the flexibility and elasticity for easy, highly scalable, and secure deployments.

Versa Appliances

Versa Networks edge devices deliver next-generation enterprise software-defined networking appliance that is based on x86 architecture to deliver cloud-native SD-WAN, security, and routing services.

Versa Titan

Cloud Managed Secure SD-WAN for Lean IT

Versa Titan is an easy, cloud-based solution that offers Secure SD-WAN and application control through an intuitive management interface. Versa Titan delivers advanced application intelligence managed from the cloud, making it easier for IT to manage and secure their branch services.

Powered by the market leading Versa Operating System (VOS), Versa Titan delivers an easy-to-deploy, cloud managed Secure SD-WAN solution.

  • Context-aware Enterprise-grade networking and security
  • Cloud-aware and SaaS Accelerated for dynamic directcloud access (AWS, Azure, O365, G-Suite, Workday, Salesforce and more)
  • Automated for lean IT

One touch. One view. One network.

Control & Management

Versa offers easy control and management through different solutions: