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Versa Analytics
A Purpose-Built for Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform

Versa Analytics

This product is no longer available.

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Versa Analytics is purpose-built for Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform for use-case focused analytics covering SD-Routing, SD-WAN, SD-Security, and SDBranch. It is a rich near real-time big data solution that provides visibility and control, base-lining, correlation, prediction and feedback loop into Versa software solutions. It provides near real-time and historical search, reports on usage patterns, trends, security events, and alerts. Versa Analytics analyzes large amounts of data sent from FlexVNFs to present critical data points as actionable analytics and reports. Tight native integration with Versa FlexVNF ensures optimized storage, search and performance.

Versa Analytics has built-in multi-tenancy that enables a single cluster to provide service for hundreds of customers, enabling deployment flexibility and economy of scale. It tightly integrates with Versa Director for complete rolebased access control. It is operations-ready and supports standard protocols and log formats, such as Syslog and IPFIX, making it compatible with existing SIEM, monitoring, and reporting systems. Versa Analytics is extensible and flexible via REST APIs.

The comprehensive and native capabilities reduces costs and simplifies deployments and data analysis by reducing the dependency on various 3rd party data analytics platforms. For multi-vendor environments, Versa Analytics interoperates with well-known performance management applications and 3rd party services.

The result is carrier-grade, multi-tenant big data analysis and visibility for realizing the full value proposition of Versa software-defined solutions.

Versa Analytics Screenshots


Data Logging Framework

  • Highly scalable, reliable, optimized, policy-driven data logging framework for all Versa services
  • Multiple transports
  • Multiple log formats – Netflow, IPFIX, syslog, PCAP support
  • Streaming of logs to one or more 3rd party collectors

Reports & Analytics

  • Real & historical time series log event reporting for various Versa VNFs
  • Traffic usage/protocol anomaly detection through trend lines and confidence band
  • Dynamic WAN bandwidth measurements with historical analysis
  • Prediction-based on extrapolation of trending data
  • Application performance reports
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled reports
  • Predefined and custom report templates
  • Report export formats: csv, pdf, xls, email notification

Network Reports

  • Traffic reports per site: availability, bandwidth usage per access circuit, bandwidth usage per application, latency/loss, QoS per access circuit
  • Multi-site reports: connectivity, bandwidth usage and SLA metrics between sites
  • CGNAT reports: NAT events, pool utilization etc.

Security Reports

  • Firewall reports per tenant: top rules, zones, source, destination by IP/domain name/geo location, ports, protocols, session duration, QoS, DDoS and Flood detection
  • Application reports: top L7 applications by risk, productivity, family and sub-families based on sessions, volume and throughput
  • Web traffic reports: top web traffic by URL categories and reputation
  • Threat profile reports: URL filtering and captive portal actions, IDS/IPS, anti-virus, SSL certificate anomalies, etc.
  • Forensics: packet capture for known/unknown applications and detected vulnerabilities


  • Multi-column search with drilldown
  • Generic and custom queries
  • Correlation searches


  • Support of anomaly detection in traffic pattern/ usage
  • Support for custom applications to detect anomalies and take actions (send traps, program policies, etc.)


  • Dashboard views for SD-WAN, security, vCPE functionality per tenant, per FlexVNF
  • Visualization using charts, real-time views, maps, grids
  • Drilldown support to analyze data instantly for a given time range, detect trends and anomalies
  • Automatic data enrichment
  • Flexible reporting framework
  • Google Maps support


  • Role-based access control REST APIs for Versa and 3rd party Apps Historical log archival and cleanup

System Requirements:

In production networks, we recommend using bare metal for running Versa Analytics functionality to get optimal scaling and performance.

Recomended Sizing Requirements for Versa Analytics
Qty of Branches Qty of Tenants Deployment Option OS Processor Servers Cores Storage Capacity Storage (HDD) type DRAM Network ports per CPU
2500 500 Application on Ubuntu (Ubuntu Package)

Virtual Machine
Ubuntu 14.04 Intel Xeon 64 bit 6 x 1 Socket server for Database nodes 16 cores 2 TB SSD Preferred 128 GB per socket 2
2500 500 4x 1 Socket servers for Log Collectors 4 cores 128 GB 8 GB per socket
1000 200 4 x 1 Socket server for Database nodes. Log Collectors integrated 16 cores 2 TB 128 GB per socket
500* 100 4 x 1 Socket server for Database nodes. Log Collectors integrated 16 cores 1 TB 64 GB per socket

* Resource requirements are for 1 search and 1 Analytics node deployed in Non-HA. Versa recommends HA deployment for best performance and availability. Consult the latest Versa Analytics release notes for updated information related to resources, performance and configurations.


Download the Versa Analytics Datasheet (.PDF)