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Enterprises of all sizes and in every vertical market are developing digital transformation strategies in order to move faster with greater agility so that they can enhance the customer experience and take advantage of emerging growth opportunities. There is widespread recognition that a key element of business transformation is network transformation that is designed to accommodate SaaS apps, Cloud services and next-generation transport such as 5G, which is significant because technically it will deliver a substantial advancement in data throughput and low latency compared to 4G.

The industry is now poised to roll out the new wave of fifth generation (5G) mobile-network technology. 5G comes with the promise of a number of advances including peak speeds up to 10 Gbps with ultra-low latency connectivity. This will create a new wave of opportunities around Smart Manufacturing, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR), IOT, Next-Gen Analytics, connected devices and gaming to name a few.

5G is a next generation mobile broadband innovation that promises to bring about greater operational efficiencies, enable further automation of business processes, and usher in the age of an intelligent application universe with unprecedented scalability. While 5G promises to provide enhanced bandwidth connectivity, dependable mobile communications and a predictable application experience, vertical industries like retail will finally be able to drive a more compelling digital experience through AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) implementations.

These opportunities however come with several challenges around security, connectivity to the existing infrastructure and ensuring that SLAs are met, despite the increase in number of connected devices and data sources. Secure SD-WAN with its in-built SASE capabilities is purpose designed to be application aware and transport agnostic, making it the prime candidate to transform the 5G ecosystem.

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